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Report Summary

Major Concerns
  1. Windows with blown seals
  2. Loose toilets
Safety Items
  1. Handrails are not graspable, (over 2.5" wide) hazardous for children and elderly - deck and landing stairs handrails
  2. Auto closure hinges on the garage service door need to be tightened
Deferred Costs (likely to need repair or replacement within 5 years)
  1. Hot water heater - 2004
  2. Furnace - 2000
  1. Soil to wood contact will lead to wood decay and if not corrected will cause structural damage noted @ siding.
  2. Gapping mortar/bricks - repairs necessary
  3. Balcony gate opens over staircase without a proper landing (front)
  4. Front balcony is not bolted to the structure - needs support attachments
  5. Downspout to drain - overflowing and puddling - back of house
  6. Gutters are overflowing
  7. Rafter tails have water damage
  8. Damaged door sweeps on base of garage doors
  9. Minor paint imperfections on front door
  10. Recommend a tray and alarm under washing machine.
  11. Clean out dryer venting and maintain every 5 years.
  12. Pocket door to laundry room - slightly scratched
  13. Powder room - toilet is loose - needs to be pulled and re-set
  14. Guest bath - toilet is loose and water stains around the base of the toilet /slow drain in sink
  15. Keep grout/sealer and caulk in good repair, leaks will cause hidden damage (especially horizontal surfaces)
  16. Master bath - door does not catch /gapping grout in shower surround at window
  17. Office - broken outlet cover
  18. Living room - window has a broken seal
  19. Family room - window has a broken seal
  20. Dirty windows make it difficult to detect broken seals on double pane windows. Recommend all windows be cleaned and a glass contractor evaluate and estimate replacement(s)
  21. Master bedroom - windows with broken seals
  22. Nicks, scratches, cracks, nail pops, stains, dings on walls and millwork throughout - typical of a home of this age
  23. Recommend carbon monoxide detectors on all floors and 10' from every bedroom
  24. Must have working smoke detectors (and/or batteries), replace all batteries and replace any defective units
  25. Sweep chimneys prior to first use.
  26. A wood and paper debris should be removed from crawlspace, it is a conduce condition for structural pests.
  27. Improperly notched beam in crawl space
  28. Water shut off is in the crawlspace and is dripping
  29. Slow drains noted @ guest bath sink.
  30. Water temperature is low, should be 120, measured temperature @ 101.
  31. Proper earthquake straps for water heater needed.
  32. Recommend blocking to secure the hot water heater with straps
  33. Recommend a carbon monoxide detector be installed in the vicinity of gas appliances
  34. `Fan forced electric wall heaters require occasional cleaning/maintenance.

  35. Recommend HVAC contractor to service furnace.
  36. Recommend a gas shut-off tool be tethered to the gas meter.
  37. Fresh air supply duct is collapsing under the vacuum of the furnace
  38. Improper duct work straps on duct work in crawl space
  39. Rodent traps in the crawlspace were noted
  40. Sewer scope was performed. All plastic drain pipes. No issues noted. Full report will be forwarded.
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  1. Lint fire video
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