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JJ and Suzanne are both State Licensed
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JJ and Suzanne are both licensed, highly skilled and work as a team for the
most complete and thorough inspection service available!

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"..loved the overall attitude and enthusiasm.. ..they were super friendly, and I truly felt like the two of them were real advocates of mine"
Samah, Bellevue WA.

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"Thanks JJ, again it was really great to meet you and Suzanne yesterday." "Comprehensive, thorough, professional, assuring, friendly, informative are some of the words that come to mind.." Suzette

Seattle's Top Inspection Team, with Two State Licensed Home Inspectors

We are independent, the only one we work for is our clients.

Suzanne and JJ are both State Licensed Home Inspectors

Many inspectors make you wait for a report. You will never have to wait for our inspection results, all reports are printed on-site. We use a unique inspection reporting system we developed ourselves over many years.

We are educators of our cleints and new home inspectors (we own the School of Professional Home Inspection.) We offer education, and answers to your questions. Unless you have a report in hand before we leave, there can be critical details that you may not understand. How do you know what to ask an inspector without a report?

Our 35 years of experience in construction and real estate is invaluable and allows us to pass along expertise you will not find anywhere else. With over *4000 inspections, we have many happy clients. Read what they have to say about our superior customer service.

*(as of 03/05/16)

Serving Seattle, Tacoma, Everett Olympia and all of King, Snohomish, Pierce, Thurston CountiesFree wifi for all clients and realtors at every inspection

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Who needs those stupid TPR valves anyway?
Exploading water heater missing its tempature and pressure relief valve
How fast can you break in to a garage?

Secure your garage doors with a zip tie!
This kind of a break in is easy to prevent with a zip-tie.

Licensed Educators
Suzanne and JJ are the authors and teachers at the School of Professional Home Inspection

We have been asked many times "What is it like to work with your spouse?" I can honestly say that I don't recommend it for most couples, but they are not married to my spouse! :-)

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Licensed Home Inspectors
Structural Pest Inspector

Hire only ASHI certified inspectors,

Licensed Structural Pest Inspector - Seattle Washington

Seattle's Top
Inspection Team!

The Difference in Home Inspections

Computerized Reports Printed On-site with Full Color Photos, Two State Licensed Inspectors for complete and efficient inspections. We work as a team to meet your tight timelines. Covering the entire Puget Sound area and beyond.

Thermal Imaging Scan, Infrared scansFull Members of ASHI, (American Society of Home Inspectors) ASHI certifications assure you that we are the best trained and tested inspectors in the profession. This is achieved by real testing of applicants (no phony internet certifications here) and peer reviews of actual inspection reports.

ASHI is by far the toughest home inspection association to join and maintain membership. They require that the person have completed no less than 250 paid professional home inspections and the completion of two written examinations.

Once a person becomes a member, he/she must take continuing education. No other association certification program even comes close to these requirements.

Many say they inspect to ASHI standards, but this is not the same as being an ASHI Certified inspector. We are both licensed by the State of Washington.

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Weekends and evenings 7 days a week.
All western Washington areas

Seattle area Sewer Scoping

Associate Members of
WCR and NAR members Seattle, Tacoma, Everett and Olympia
Suzanne Greive
Board of Directors,
Treasurer 2009
JJ Greive
Technology and web Chairperson

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Housing Safety Structural Pests

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Federal Pacific Panels Zinsco/Sylvania Hazards Aluminum Wiring Hazards

Stair Safety Worksheet As a builder I always took great pride in building the all staircases to be as safe as possible. They are one of the most common areas of injury.
Elderly Safety Tips
As we age our senses are not as sharp and the loss of the sense of vision, smell, hearing and touch can result in injury. A simple fall can result in an injury that can lead to loss of independence.
Recalls and Lawsuits These are some of the items that we see regularly and has come to the attention of government agencies as defective and or dangerous. Gas furnace lawsuit - Cadet heater Information - LP Siding

Read more tips on structural pests in our library - Back

Carpenter Ants Carpenter ants will damage homes by nesting in them. The will dig out tunnels to in wood expand their living spaces and can lead to structural damage
Moisture Ants
These ants are only found in wet wood, and if the source or moisture is controlled, the insects will usually leave with no pesticide treatments required.
Wood Boring Beetles
In coastal areas of Washington wood-infesting beetles cause extensive damage to wooden buildings. Damage often is overlooked, as these insects live in portions
of the structure where people seldom see them.
Termites Termites are among the most important structural insect pests in the Northwest. Only carpenter ants rival them in importance.

Energy Savings Environment & Health
Read more energy saving tips in our library - Back

Winterization Energy Tips Saving energy in your home will not only save you money, but will also help the environment by reducing the need for hydro-electric dams and fossil fuels used to produce electricity.

Home Energy Savings Tips

Energy use of common home appliances

Setting your thermostat for Energy Savings

Photovoltaic Panels by ASHI

Read more environmental and health articles in our library - Back

Carbon Monoxide Hazards During a power outage caused by the windstorms in December 2006, a gas generator killed an entire family in Burien Washington. Carbon monoxide kills nearly 150 Americans a year.

Indoor Air Quality
Some homes have from 2 to 100 times more polluted air than outside. Dust, smoke, pet dander, mold, mildew, and dust mites are all very common in the typical home.

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Cheryl's Story - Electrical Fire

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Scott Rasmussen on Zillow

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Overloaded Fuse box
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Gas shutoff hazard

Exposed wire nuts
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Sink inspection sample
Improper wiring
WDO damage
Handyman wiring
Landscape damage
Attic Inspection
Unprofessional wiring
Old furnace checks
Missing covers
Crawl space leak
Soffitt damage
Heating systems
Toilet wax ring failure
Water damage ceiling
Water leak from flue

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