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Call 206-295-4330 (7am - 7pm) for price and time-slot

We take appointments at 9 am and 1 pm  (limited evenings available for an additional fee, call us in advance if you looking for an evening appointment)

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Note: Extra out buildings, 2nd kitchens, motherinlaw units, tolls, parking and ferry fees may be extra.
Check our calendar for available inspection times.
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  We ONLY take appointments at 9am or 1pm unless other arrangements are made in advance.  If choosing another per-arranged time, enter it in the notes section below
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You will get a submission confirmation screen, please read it for payment and other important info on your inspection.  If you want to book after hours, please complete this form and include the preferred dates in the notes section.  We will confirm the time slot and price in the morning.

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Check for available times usually morning, or afternoon  Evenings may be available for and additional fee. If your desired time slot is booked call us. We will do our best to accommodate you and we have we have other great inspectors can refer you to also.

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