This inspection turned up a burnt Zinsco panel with severe scorching
Severe overheating, scorching / soot in panel

Electrical inspection uncovered Zinsco arching bus bars
Arcing on bus bars/breakers in electrical panel

Zinsco cover with soot uncovered during this inspection
inside panel cover soot, this panel must be replaced

Zinsco panel with soot discovered during an inspection
soot on junction box/panel

Melted insulation on ground wire discoverd during inspection
Melted insulation on ground wire, major electrical fault suspected

Air conditioning inspection uncovered a hazardous electrical shut off at compressor
Electrical hazard at sub panel for AC, safety shield broken

Air conditioning inspection discovered soil up against unit
Soil up against AC

Carport fascia board damage from water discovered during inspection
Carport rim water damage/needs paint

Fascia board damage / rot discovered during inspection
Trim board on carport in need of paint

Unfinished trim on exterior of home discovered during inspection
Trim in need of nails, caulk and paint

Siding in need of caulk/paint discovered during inspection
Siding needs paint/caulk

Grounds inspection shows decayed trim at base of siding with earth to wood contact
Decayed trim at base (west side)

Site inspections are important. Wood soil contact at siding
Wood/Soil contact at siding

Landscaping inspections often turn up landscaping touching structure
Trim back landscaping

Roof inspection discovered nail heads exposed and tar patches. Likely leak point.
Nail pops/tar patches on roof

Inspection of roof reveals many patches
Roof has been patched

Electrical inspection uncovers items such as improperly wired exterior lighting fixtures
Exterior lighting missing cover/handyman wiring

Interior inspection reveals rusted window frames
Rusted window frames (downstairs)

Plumbing inspection examine all fixtures including checking toilets for proper mounting and possible failed wax rings
toilet not bolted to floor (downstairs)

Interior inspections check for moisture stains
moisture stain in ceiling under kitchen

Bathroom inspection shows handyman wiring of light fixture/broken light cover and a missing mirror
handyman wiring of light fixture/broken light cover/missing mirror

Interior inspectin has a hole cut too large for light
light hole downstairs cut too large

Interior inspection with broken base trim
broken trim/basement stairs wall

Doors inspection reveals a cracked door jamb and poor weatherstripping
Cracked door jamb/poor weatherstripping downstairs

Doors inspection uncovers a hole in master bedroom door
Hole in master bedroom door

Attic inspection shows stained sheeting
Stained sheeting

Stained sheeting

Hidden structural damage repairs uncovered during attic inspection
Repaired roof rafters