incomplete vapor barrier

electric furnace with heat pump - Lennox

dangling and bare bulb in crawlspace

Lenoox heat pump 2012

dirty - keep clear of pine needles

Handrails are not graspable, (over 2.5" wide) hazardous for children and elderly

paint needed on porches /deck/balcony

foundation crack - carport

foundation crack - east wall

Seal all plumbing/utility access holes

mushroom growing next to home - very wet?

cupping/stain needed

curling/cupping siding - south side

partially replaced siding - no stain

siding damaged at step flashing above front porch

access panel east side needs repair


cantilevered deck joists cut off and sistered- consult with seller for permits

cantilivered/sistered joists/no steel hangers

2 x beam on balcony?

west balcony with water damage

balcony post rests on deck - no post below

gutters bent and dirty/uneven roof plane

debris /with water stains below



roof planes sagging next to skylight

roof replaced over front porch

missing upper catch on front door french

missing anchor screws in sliding doors

water pressure low - before pump runs

excessive lint behind dryer

water heater 1990

impoper screws and open knockouts in can

stained vinyl flooring bathroom main floor

stained window sills


oversized gaps

gappng grout

seal shower to floor - gapping

damaged fiberglass gel coat in shower surround

whole house fan timer present - consult with hvac

open junction box in ceiling

crack ceiling to wall in stairwell

water stains

cantilevered deck repair - no stain

oversized gaps

hardware fell off sliding door W

water damaged siding balcony W

water damaged area

broken attic hatch E

attic E

attic E

attic E

attic W

attic W