Home Inspection Report
Home Inspections of Puget Sound

Client - Bob Smith

Agent - David Johnson

300 Marjorie Lane SE Tacoma Wa

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JJ Greive - Washington State license #469
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Report Summary

Major Concerns
  1. Exterior caulk and paint
  2. Balconies
  3. Windows with blown seals
Safety Items
  1. Missing/incorrect screws in electrical panel, always use proper blunt tip screws.
  2. `Railings do not meet modern standards improvements recommended @ porch.
  3. Open junction box in the ceiling next to the ceiling fan in the loft
Deferred Costs (likely to need repair or replacement within 5 years)
  1. Water heater - 1990
  1. Hose bibs are prone to freezing, recommend they be insulated and/or drained in very cold weather.
  2. Seal all plumbing/utility access holes.
  3. Inquire whether balcony repairs were done with a permit. The joists have been cut off and sistered and beam they go to is a 2 x 12. No metal hangers.
  4. Water damaged framing and decking on the nw balcony
  5. Balcony post resting on decking surface?
  6. Access panel on the east side of the home needs repair
  7. Front french door needs a metal catch on the top
  8. Sliding doors are missing anchor screws
  9. Bedroom west sliding door catch needs to be remounted - falling off
  10. `Recommend chemical treatment to retard moss growth on roof.
  11. Some of the roof planes are not laying flat
  12. Rodent bait found inside the home (not recommended) trap and remove is a better answer in most cases - droppings under kitchen sink
  13. FYI - carport gfci resets in the kitchen
  14. Excessive lint behind the dryer - leaky venting?
  15. Nicks, scratches, cracks, stains, dings on walls and millwork throughout - typical of a home of this age
  16. Water stained window sills
  17. Guest bath up - right hand sink stopper does not life
  18. Living room windows have blown seals /bedroom west window has blown seal
  19. Dirty windows make it difficult to detect broken seals on double pane windows. Recommend all windows be cleaned and evaluated
  20. Recommend carbon monoxide detectors on all floors and 10' from every bedroom
  21. Must have working smoke detectors (and/or batteries), replace all batteries and replace any defective units
  22. FYI - upstairs bathroom gfci resets in the bathroom downstairs
  23. Recommend a pest control officer to address vermin activity, problems include rodent activity in crawlspace.
  24. A wood and paper debris should be removed from crawlspace, it is a conduce condition for structural pests.
  25. Insect activity in the crawlspace - excavations
  26. Water pressure low - testing at 38psi /ran water in the kitchen and re-checked and pressure was at 53psi
  27. Proper earthquake straps for water heater needed.
  28. Recommend and energy audit, to include a duct blaster test to assure the quality of the ducting.
  29. Recommend covers on all bare bulb fixtures - dangling in the crawlspace

Suggested additional online resources
  1. Handrail guidelines
  2. Ductwork testing
  3. Moss control for your roof