Electrical Inspections, Missing Romex Fitting on Electrical Box

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Missing electrical fitting, unprofessional wiring
This is evidence of unprofessional wiring. This electrical box should have a non-metallic sheathed electrical wiring* clamp on the top and this wiring should be behind sheetrock or in conduit.  When we note items such as these, it triggers greater scrutiny of all electrical systems, since it is obvious that this was not installed by and electrician, without an electrical permit and not inspected by a municipal electrical inspector.

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*BTW, I this page used to use the name Romex®, (trademarked by Southwire)

It is a non-metallic sheathed electrical wiring that everyone in the trades has simply called Romex® for years.
Builders, electricians, home inspectors and home owners have all used this name for this type of wire.

These people are scumbags, threatening me for using the name Romex®, 
Ohh, not actual scumbags, but in my opinion only! 
I have installed and recommended Romex® for years, no more! Avoid them.  
They are more expensive then their competitors and are strong arming anyone 
for using the name Romex®!  (can you say Kleenex® or Jell-O®?) 
Get used to the designation non-metallic sheathed electrical wiring, 
and may they go bankrupt soon like the originator of this wire,
 Rome Cable Corp. of Rome, NY.

Shame on you Southwire!!! Scumbags (in my opinion)
Get a life!