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We are digital photo experts and use them in our reporting system, see a sample report here.  By carefully composing the subject, editing the pictures (brightness, contrast, fill light, cropping etc.) and annotating each picture with complete descriptions we get the most out of this important tool.  All pictures are uploaded to the web in minutes after the inspection so you can forward them to sellers, contractors or any other party you wish.  This allows you to move forward with your negations right away.  

Our reporting system was developed by us and you wont find this level of service anywhere else.  

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GFCIs are very important safety features for any outlet within six feet of water This overloaded fuse box raised a red flag.  It is the main supply to a multi family complex. Seriously overloaded. We check furnaces for function and safety.  One of our tools is a flammable gas detector. Crawl space leak.  Rotten subfloor.  Only partially repaired. All chimneys get careful inspections.  We recommend spark arrestor caps/rain covers on all flues in our wet climate. This flashing is pulling away from the roof.  Should be a two piece flashing and counterflashing, that is why it is failing. Gas shutoff is blocked in case of emergency. There is no way to shut off this gas supply. All wire nuts and connections must be in approved electrical boxes. Garage door openers must be on a dedicated outlet. Every inspection includes a careful evaluaiton of the roofing components, gutters, valleys, flashings, etc. Failed gutters can cause damage to soffits, eaves, and other exterior components. Stud cut out for installation of electrical components and not replaced.  Compromising integrity of the framing. Missing knob.  Water shut off. Recommend replacement. All exterior wiring should be in conduit or other approved exterior grade cable. Rim joist affected by wood destroying organisms.  There was a sprinkler pointed directly at the corner of this building. Handyman wiring.  No outlet cover and improper wire for exterior application. This clematis destroyed the roof, soffits, fascia and siding.  Parts of it were even found in the attic. Attic inspections are a critical element.  Ventilation, insulation and roof integrity are some of the items we check. This cable is missing the fitting at the box.  Romex wiring should be behind sheetrock. This is a very old furnace found to leak gasses into the home.  Open junction boxes missing covers. Crawl space leak under tub/shower. Soffits delaminating due to faulty/dirty gutters. Efflouresence and peeling paint around chimney. We check all thermostats for function. Loose toilet bowls often cause undetected leaks.  Discolored flooring is a clue that you have a failed wax ring. Chimney inspections often point to problems discovered in the attic or ceilings.  This ceiling damage is right next to a chimney. This chimney missing its rain cover shows water stain on the masonry.

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